Saturday, May 23, 2009

the 5 people you meet in heaven

This book is totally amazing!!..I have it as a present of my best friend.
It totally inspires me!!!..believe's not boring..haha...It's very interesting!..

I recommend it to everybody!!!!....It's a very touching novel!
this book serves also as a tearjerker to everyone..I finished this book yesterday..It's very comforting..hope you can read his too..



  1. i haven't seen the book in bookstore yet. (or maybe i haven't look thoroughly) :) will try to look for the book next time i'm going to the bookstore.

    by the way, welcome to the blogsphere, mikey :)

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging.

    I loved that book too. I couldn't put it down. I was racing home and lunchtime to read as much as I could before having to go back to work. I finished it in three days.

    I think some of the messages were lost on me. Normally I don't "get" books like everyone else does. But I still enjoyed it.

  3. Hope you're having a great start in the blogging world!

    I love that book too. But not as much as Tuesdays with Morrie. =)

  4. i have been dying to read that book! ill have to get to it soon!

  5. Hello Mikey! I didn't know that you were reading that book. Can I borrow it from you? =)

  6. @ girl in the silleto : it's available now!!..tnx for the comment..
    @ scoman : yeah it's a very wonderful book!
    @ ella: yeah i had so much fun in blogging!
    @ al: ooh yeah!..get this book and you will be totally inspired..
    @chinkygirl mel: tnx for everything!..

  7. oh but have you read his other book "tuesdays with morrie"? i think it's better, IMO :) but both are good!

  8. @ floreta: ooh yeah??..oki will try it..