Sunday, May 24, 2009

-My Back to Back Zip Line-

Several weeks ago..I had an extreme experience/adventure in my life..the zip line!!!..hahaha...
I had a back to back zip line on samal and in outland!..

As you see here, it's my first zipline in samal,blue jazz as you also see here..I desperately hugging the rope..
hahaha...I was too nervous and scared at first..but after
I jumped and started it,I was relieved and I thought I
was flying..hahahaha....I hugged and holded the rope
tightly as if I was falling..hahaha..

This was my second time riding a zip line. It was so fun here in outland adventure... Like before I felt again nervous because it was higher than before..The first picture(on the top) was with my gears for the zip line..Me and others were
first began with a briefing. The second photo shows that
this zip line in outland was more adventurous because to be
able to go up in the starting line we had to cross a river and to
walk in a high mountain. Like the others, I was so exhausted
and tired...After walking in the steepy mountain for several
minutes..At last..we had reached the top(starting line). As
shown in the 3rd picture. In the third photo,it shows that we
are preparing to depart. I was so nervous again because
it was too high and we saw crocodiles down in the river..OMG!
When it was my turn I close my eyes and gently push myself
in the line..I was so amazed that I was too high. After that my
dad keeps teasing me that I was non-stop waving my legs
while I was in the zipline..


  1. oh wow, that looks like SO much fun!!!

  2. Oh man I love the zip line. That moment of pure adrenaline. Abseiling is good too.

  3. @ Al: yeah it's so fun..
    @ scoman: I Love zip lines too!!..hahaha it's cool

  4. Hi mikey! Mom went with you guys to the zipline didn't she. Did you know that there were alligators and crocodiles in that river where you guys had to get across?! hahahaha...That's why mom didn't go on the zipline! hahahaha. I wish I got a chance to go with you guys. That looks fun!

  5. @ chinkygirl mel: hope you did!!

  6. damn that was so much fun. i never had the experience with the zip line. and i think we call it the flying fox back in malaysia. :D

  7. How brave of you! But if there's crocs down under, I won't dare! Nice blog!

  8. That looks like so much fun!

  9. I've never been on a zip line before...but,wow, it sure looks like fun! Great pics!

  10. looks like fun! i did something like that 4 years ago and it was a really memorable experience! :) did you go upsidedown?

  11. @ girl in the silleto: yeah! it's so much fun..try it!

    @ ebie: tnx!..

    @ shannon: correct!!

    @ duni: tnx!!

    @ kym: no!!!..i can't!!..i'm scared!!

  12. wooh. that's fun. I have done it several times and I keep on screaming everytime I do it. LOL. We call it slide for life. Hahaha!

  13. I remember my first zip line! It was SUCH a blast. So glad you loved it!

  14. Wooow! i've never tried it scared of heights! but it sure looked sooo much fun!

  15. @ jezza: correct!

    @ lilu: ooh yeah?..that's fun..

    @ ella: sure it does!

  16. wow. i'm from davao too and i sOooo want to try this one out but i haven't got the time. :D

  17. I love the zip line it's so fun. But I was super scared when I did it, too.