Sunday, May 17, 2009

About My Blog

For everyone who are here at my page..Hello!..Welcome to my corner!!..This is my first time to create a blog..and just for your information i had a hard time and a headache creating this because I have to think and think of what to write or what to do to make this blog nice..I admit that before, I don't really have intentions of making a blog..I am just influenced and encourage by my cousin. Before, I think creating and having a blog is very tiring to do..until I saw it's interesting descriptions. I was interested when I knew that it can be a personal diary of ones blogger.While creating this I felt something excitement and more encouragement..and because of this I am pressured thinking of how can I make this blog presentable and what will I write and causes my headache..hahaha...Now, I'm thinking of putting interesting things here in my blog like games,videos,music and other stuffs. Hope I can be your friend..please add me up and leave comments..enjoy!!


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